A future-proof headquarters building prioritises wellbeing for employees

Our blue chip client had ambitions to create a new HQ building which would reflect its company ethos and signal its ambition to place wellbeing at the heart of everything it does from flexible working practices to sustainability measures.

Their radical move from London to Coventry, offered the opportunity to consolidate their corporate presence in a building which already housed 1,500 of its staff. From here they could increase staff numbers to 3,500, and roll out new flexible ways of working, offering staff more choice and making the best possible use of a new centralised company hub.

Our approach was to create a new campus. We retrofitted two existing buildings and designed two more, arranging them around a central cloister which forms the new heart of the campus with restaurants, cafes, meeting rooms, and informal lounge spaces. The cloister also acts as the main circulation device, linking buildings to each other and to the main entrance.

A simple, logical design wraps around a garden, reflecting the company’s long-term commitment to sustainability. Brick and stone were chosen for their timeless qualities and their ability to weather well. A concrete frame provides thermal mass and contributes to the highly efficient services strategy.

This project was recognised at the MIPIM Future Projects Award as a highly flexible and innovative combination of reuse and new build, employing the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption and offer a healthy internal workplace.