The need to decarbonise the built environment is urgent, but it’s not always clear how to go about this in practical terms.

SRP is committed to putting that right one building at a time.

We are launching our Future-Proof Now consultancy service, offering building owners, investors, and managers a convenient one-stop-shop solution to meet the swiftly evolving regulatory and marketing challenges they are facing.


Future-Proof Now

EPC Compliance Services

If your assets are not EPC compliant, they will become unmarketable and then potentially stranded.

A building that is compliant now may not be in the very near future.

Regulations are changing fast, so you need to act quickly.


What are the EPC changes for commercial property?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are intended to help the UK government hit a target of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. At present, commercial property has to have an EPC rating of E or better, but

  • by 2025 this is changing to C or better
  • by 2030, EPC has to be B or better

The construction industry will not be able to meet demand to ensure all buildings are EPC compliant by 2030.


How we can we help your building be EPC compliant

Our Future-Proof Now consultancy service equips you with a fast-turnaround roadmap to EPC compliance. You will know where your building stands today and exactly what you need to do by 2030. This will be costed so you can quickly put your plan into action.


What’s more, we can provide further recommendations for improving efficiency and desirability, whether that’s to meet other sustainability targets or to ensure your property remains competitive in an increasingly exacting market.


For example, employers are demanding workspaces that are attractive and support wellbeing, diversity, and flexibility with features such as outside space, cafes, bars, gyms, and creches.


Will your property make the grade?


Our ‘Future-Proof Now’ service is your first, fast, simple step to securing the value of your property now and into the future.

The service begins with a free no-obligation consultation with our experts, which you can arrange now by emailing or calling
0203 371 9485.


You can also download or view our Future-Proof Now brochure to understand more about how within just one month you could have a clear picture of all your options to ensure EPC compliance, and beyond.


Case Studies

Rayleigh Education Trust, 2023

Carbon reduction programme across two schools

EPC E to B resulting in approximate 74% (average) savings on CO2 emissions

  • Identified a series of building envelope upgrades to reduce overall energy demand
  • Installation of air source heat pumps to replace fossil fuel heating systems
  • Addition of PV’s on roof to generate power on site
  • Retrofit LED lighting to reduce energy demand


Inspire Education, Stamford College, 2023

Investigation into carbon emission reduction measures

EPC E to A resulting in approximate 72% (average) savings on CO2 emissions

  • Installed new windows and additional insulation to the roof to reduce overall energy demand
  • Refurbished plant rooms and infrastructure
  • Addition of PV’s on roof to generate power on site
  • Retrofit LED lighting to reduce energy demand

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